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Cleaning hacks for your modern tablecloth.

Finally you have found your new modern tablecloth for your next dinner party. During your bash the guests are delighted with your exquisite taste for tablecloth designs, but also your friends leave a trail of destruction and stains on your new find! What to do? How to get your treasured investment to its old glory? Well, here are a few tricks on how to get rid of the usual suspects of the staining world: candle wax drips, grease stains, coffee stains and red wine.

  1. How to get rid of candle wax drips?

Believe it or not, it is very easy! Please do not try to “dig” out the remainder of the wax with your finger nails or any kind of sharp object – this will only push the wax molecules deep into the wave of the fabric. What you need to do is get a piece of newspaper and a hot iron. Cover the wax drippings with a sheet of newspaper and press with a hot iron. Wax off modern tableclothThis will melt the wax which will get stuck on to the pores of the newspaper and off your tablecloth!

  1. How to get grease stains off my fabric?

Basically, oils stains do not dry. The best way to get rid of greasy stains is to take a few drops of colour free dishwashing detergent and rub it into the spot you want to get rid of. When you feel that the texture of the surface you are rubbing into becomes a gooey mass, you are ready to rinse the beast out! You might be asking yourself about the magical properties of your dishwashing liquid, but I can assure you it is not magic, but some cool chemistry in action! The main reason why it is possible to use detergent in this scenario is that detergents are emulsifiers. In general emulsifiers separate (better said capture) oil Wax off fabricsmolecules from fabrics and allow water to wash the oil away. How good is that!

  1. Offered coffee for desert and half of it was split on your tablecloth? Here is a hack how to get rid of it!

Caution! This cleaning hack applies to lighter colour fabrics. In order to get rid of coffee stains you will need a clean white cloth, cold water and soda bi carb. Dampen your cloth and dab it into some baking soda (you might ask yourself why a clean white cloth – well a dark soiled cloth will leave you with more grief, more stains and dark fluff which is extreeeeemly annoying!). Gently rub the stain with the tip of your finger and then thoroughly wash it in a cold cycle with minimal to no washing powder. Another pointer-do not tumble dry your stained fabric! Tumble drying will only fasten any left over stains into the fibres of your fabric.

  1. The ultimate nemesis – red wine stains!

Here I will have to salute again the good ol’ baking powder. With a clean damp cloth massage the stain with soda bi carb. Don’t panic if you see that the stain is changing colour but not disappearing from the surface. What is happening is that the tannins in the wine are being bleached by the baking powder (what we actually want). The residual stain can be then further removed by soaking the stain in some white vinegar. Caution! Do not leave it to soak too long, even better, I would suggest that you guard your soaking miracle, remove the tablecloth when happy and off we go to the washing machine!

I truly hope so that you got rid of those pesky stains!  And if you are keen you can gain some more knowledge about fabric caring tips from our blog.

More importantly if you are seeking for a modern tablecloth you can clean with the above awesome tips have a look at our “Zilla” tablecloth which is absolutely devine!

May you have frustrate-less cleaning day!



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  1. Yulkigirl August 2, 2015 at 2:03 pm #

    Thanx for the tips!

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