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Introducing our Australian Marimekko Fabric Range.

So excited to announce our new range of Marimekko fabrics are now available in Australia. For the un-initiated, I thought I would do a quick write up on the back ground of these lovely fabrics. Marimekko is a Finnish design company that has existed since the 1960’s. The aim of this creative bunch is to introduce bold and colourful clothing as well as homewares into everyday life. Knowing that Finland is rather cold and often covered with white snow it is easy to notice the desire of Marimekko’s team to revive their souls by giving a jab of vivid colours to their lives. However, this sentiment was not bound to Finland, Marimekko’s designs have found a plethora of followers worldwide. Two designers are worth mentioning, namely Vuokko Nurmesniemi and Maija Isola. Both ladies were present during the early days of this fabulous company and their designs are still adored by many.

discover our new marimekko range!

The Manufacture of Marimekko Fabric

All of the Marimekko fabrics available in Australia through Yulkis are created in traditional printing mills in Helsinki. On average a million metres of fabric is printed each year! Instead of utilising cheap offshore fabric production, Marimekko has chosen to focus on something completely different from the average textile manufacturers, known as “in-house production”. This way the textile production team and designers work in tandem which allows the artists to ensure that their creative visions are translated on fabric just as they have imagined. Moreover, in-house production ensures that the quality of fabrics is not compromised in any way.

At the bottom of this page we have posted a short video of the production process, have a look, you will be amazed in what the production entails! On average it takes one year for each design to be realised-from sketch to printing!


discover our new marimekko range


The Marimekko Fabric Variety and Uses

Our Australian range of Marrimekko fabrics range from cottons, linens to coated fabrics. Here is a brief description of each substrate used by Marimekko:

Cottons (organic and non-organic): Lighter cottons can be used for less wearable home projects such as curtains, cushion covers, bed and table linen. Cottons are readily used to create clothing garments too – basically your imagination is the limit!

Heavyweight cottons: The focus of heavyweight cottons is to provide durability for everyday use. Heavyweight cottons are great for any household project. But as genius of Marimekko its self, heavyweights can be used to make apparel too. Fancy a light spring jacket or some funky trousers – then Marimekko heavyweight cotton is your choice!

Linen: Linens are lighter than the basic cottons, however the use of linen is quite similar to the lighter cottons – curtains, bed and table linen as well as clothing.

Acrylic coated cottons: Coated cottons are protected with dirt and moisture resistant PVC. All PVC is phthalate free! Coated cottons can be used to create your object of desire that will face the constant daily grind. Coated fabrics are fantastic for tablecloths, kitchen linens and bags.


The Wash and Care of Marimekko Fabrics

For all printed fabrics such as cottons and linens it is important that you follow the care instructions. Despite the care instructions there are some more tricks of the trade that will help you out keeping your fabrics beautiful.

Cottons and linens: For instance, it is not recommended to soak you fabrics, this will enable any leftover dye to penetrate the white of your fabric. Also, do not use strong detergents that contain bleaching agents. Lastly, wash your fabrics before sewing due to the notion that fabrics might shrink.

Coated Fabrics: In case that your coated fabric gets stained by dark liquids make sure to wipe the spill straight away. Coated fabrics can be washed in 40°C (104°F) water on a gentle cycle. It is recommended that coated fabrics are stored on a roll or rolled up.




Purchasing and Choosing Marimekko Fabrics in Australia

A full and colourful range of Marimekko fabrics for the Australian market are readily available in our store. When choosing Marimekko fabrics make sure to understand that Marimekko fabrics are screen printed and this might mean that you will notice on your piece lines between repeats. Also, some pieces are sold only by metre while some are sold per repeat. This is done sue to the notion that we want to keep the print as a whole.


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